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Edición 70: Año XVI, No.2, Holguín 2017


Luz continues to celebrate its 15 anniversary. Last March 23, on the festivity of the Book Fair in Holguin La Casita de las Romerías held an event in honor of its achievements and grows

This volume includes useful results through a variety of articles pertaining to teaching at primary, junior, senior and higher educational levels. Luz readers’ will find two articles on labor formation, the first is entitled: The annexed classroom, important scene in the labor formation in alternation of the qualified worker in farming. The main contribution of this work consists of methodological orientations that allow managers and teachers from educational institutions to determine, certify and use annexed classrooms to develop the teaching-learning process under conditions of production and services. On the other hand, the article: Educational process for the formation of labor qualities in the Major Bachelor in Education, Construction, is intended to provide a didactic procedure to develop labor qualities in the students from the contents of the subject Practice Course Production and Services I.

With regard to Special Education, the present volume presents two articles connected to psychology:  The development of emotional education in students with behavior disorders: a work perspective to elevate their interpersonal relationships. The objective of the work is to prepare future teachers of the Special Education to contribute to educate emotional education in students with diagnosis of behavior disorders at school and a Program for the Psychopedagogical Intervention of Students with Learning Difficulties.

In an attempt to meet the needs of the formative process of the students of natural, exact sciences and ethics, which require a sustained effort, Luz   presents the following works: Theoretical considerations of the sociocultural-professional approach in the formation of Biology teachers, its aim is to contextualize the essence of biological content, in line with the approaches that underlie their teaching and learning, to endow students necessities for the appropriation of knowledge. The article, The University Teacher and Ethical Education of Students, aims at strengthening the values of justice, freedom, equality, honesty, solidarity and responsibility in students. The article, Activities for the development of professional authority in the-Physics Mathematics students explains the conception of activities, oriented to the development of professional authority   in second year students of Mathematics-Physics.

From the historical perspective, Luz provides two articles: The prefecture San José of Guaicanamar in José Martí's work  with the objective of confirming the existence of the prefecture San José of Guaicanamar, starting from the description carried out by José Martí in the foreword to the book “The poets of the war”. And, A Systematization of the local History of Holguín (1959-1965), it contains a compilation of the contents of local history with didactical and methodological purposes from 1959 to 1965.

Elementary, basic or primary Education as it is called in different regions of the world demands special attention, since it sets the basis for further studies. The articles: Stimulation of exceptional talents in Early Childhood Education is intended to demonstrate how to stimulate exceptional talents from early childhood. And, The phonic-analytic-synthetic method: a way for the teaching of the reading-writing which presents teaching tasks aimed at favoring the application of the phonic-analytic-synthetic method for stimulating learning in the reading-writing acquisition phase in first grade students. Both works present innovative didactic tools to improve initial formation in early aged children.

Finally, Luz presents the article: Digital didactic holiday resorts on the quality of the signification apprenticeship on students in the basic general education. The article highlights the influence of digital resources to produce significant learning in the students and provides the necessary theoretical support on the matter.

Luz Module offers: The explanatory method as an alternative of independent learning in the Cuban school of the XIX century. The main objective is to analyze the theoretical foundations and the practical value of the explanatory method, as a solution to the problems of the learning of the students in Primary and Secondary Educations 

M. Sc. Minelis Tamayo Megret
Traducción: Dr. C. Daryanis Tamayo Fuente


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